Munmun Agrawal (Co-Founder & Director)

A devout home-maker, a devoted mother & a dedicated wife to Mr Gagan Agrawal, who can always match up to his dynamism & rapid pace of thinking, Ms. Munmun Agrawal has never been directly involved in the Company affairs however, this being said, she is also a full-time consultant to Mr Gagan Agrawal, whenever any executive decision is to be made. Munmun Agrawal, has always stood by her husband & firmly supported his decisions pertaining to business & the company. She has silently helped in shaping up Achiever Hospitality Private Limited into the organization that it is today, she’s also been contributing towards the scaling of almost every business started by Mr Gagan Agrawal, irrespective of her not actively attending office.

A Political Science graduate from Delhi University, Mrs. Munmun Agrawal has a very realistic & practical approach toward life. Being a home-maker gave her management skills that are learned from practical experiences of life, there are certain skills that can never be taught in any of the Universities or Institutions, her skills are symbolic of her tenacity & patience. She has raised two kids with finesse & discipline that made the elder child get into Engineering whereas the younger child is a bright young lad, ready to kiss the corridors of High School. She has persevered through every thick & thin that life led her into, but never backed out from a challenge.

While conceptualizing Ompanzo, her inputs provided pivotal data, necessary for determining the shape & workability of the platform. Together with Gagan Agrawal, she not only helped identify the gap, but also contributed towards bridging it. She knew what any regular housewife would want from an application that is meant to eradicate a rudimentary flow of house inventory management; she knew if the application too complicated, it wouldn’t appeal to masses, if it became too redundant it will be susceptible to security threats hence a perfect synergy had to be established between rigidity & flexibility. The current fluid & user-friendly form of all the three Applications are owed to her suggestions & guidance.

Although she has chosen not to be the official spokesperson for the brand, soon enough, she will surely be the face of the woman entrepreneur for Ompanzo Ecommerce Private Limited.