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About Us: The Inception

Problem solving is the key to innovation. There are hundreds of mobile applications, digital ecommerce platforms selling their proprietary services, goods & products to billions of people across the Country while minting profits yet none of them seem as though they couldn’t care less about eating through the modest margins of these small local businesses. These Local Businesses neither possess the potential or the technical expertise to stand up and compete against these ecommerce giants on their own, thus the only fate they were awaiting was of gradually fading into oblivion.

This is exactly where Ompanzo stepped-in to prevent these Local Businesses for perishing by providing them with a formidable online platform aka an Online Business Centre along with a robust logistical support network that would help them unite & compete against the eminent threat of annihilation. Once united, they will have a strong chance at surviving the contemporary wave of digitization of sell & purchase in these modern times. By associating with Ompanzo, they will only change the way they do business but not the business.

Ompanzo did this in order to leverage the mutual trust & understanding between these local businesses & their target audience i.e., their buyers and bringing them both into a single platform where both find equal benefits and the trade could flourish. On the other side a large section of unemployed yet potential youth would find employment amidst the delivery logistics set-up by Ompanzo which would contribute towards generating passive employment opportunities within the country.

Creating a world of difference where the underprivileged gets an opportunity to compete & persevere in the space same as the privileged

In a nutshell, Ompanzo is India's newest Online Business Center dedicated to Retail Businesses in the unorganized sectors. The platform allows retailers to associate with us & go online immediately. Our user-friendly Mobile Application helps retailers connect with their Buyers while both automatically get connected & serviced by our team of Riders that facilitate our deliveries.

Our Buyers

We have a 40 mins “Express Delivery” model for our precious Customers who orders from their own trusted Vendor on the Ompanzo App

Our Vendors

They are our strength & backbone; it is these silent contributors who touch our lives every day by bringing a world of our desired products closer to us at all times & seasons, relentlessly & tirelessly. The Ompanzo App brings them together with the Customers on a single platform.

Our Riders

They are attentive, they are reliable, they are efficient & they are quick. Our Riders are those who ensure that we keep ticking & they never let us down.

About Company

Ompanzo – The Concept

Ompanzo is India's newest Online Business Center for Retail Businesses in the unorganized sectors. The platform would allow Retailers to associate with us & go online immediately. Our easy-to-use Mobile Application helps Retailers connect with their Buyers while both automatically get connected & serviced by our team of Riders that facilitate our deliveries.

The User/Buyer gets the convenience of making purchases from the comfort of their homes while for the retailer it opens up a wide new horizon of opportunities that includes wider outreach to customers i.e., access to a larger target audience than ever before, comfort of receiving payments online while ensuring doorstep delivery of their products to their customers. On the other hand, the potential of generating employment is immeasurable when it comes to getting Riders onboard for facilitating the deliveries.

The Platform offers a win-win scenario to that particular category of people & businesses which, so far isn’t recognized by any authority or establishment. This untapped category cumulatively & figuratively indulges into cash business transactions worth billions every year, yet there’s no infrastructure that aims at connecting this clan to the mainstream businesses. This unorganized sector generates employment and livelihood for millions of people across the country who often get neglected because they are never a part of any of the welfare schemes run by the Government exclusively for a certain segment. Because this segment is unaccounted for the Government never levies them directly.

The concept of Ompanzo aligns perfectly with the Government of India’s Amtanirbhar Bharat, Vocal for Local & Start-up India Initiatives. Ompanzo aims at connecting this entire population of Self Employed & Self Dependant people on a single digital platform that would provide them access to their target category of customers across the nation, simultaneously giving a direct access to the Government to enlist & reach out to these hardworking assets with policies formed for their benefit. Needless to mention that Ompanzo will act as a channel for generating direct taxation on the previously untapped sector.


Our Consumers

Our Vendors

Our Riders

Ompanzo doesn’t sell its own inventory, we’re aggregators that facilitate trade between two entities

You can’t help with a cause until you don’t dedicate all your resources to it and that includes giving up on your own profit margins.

  • The Consumers can join us absolutely free of charge by simply downloading the Ompanzo App from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • Our highly professional & trained team of Field Sales Representatives will keep visiting & onboarding Vendors individually & their area of operations will keep expanding exponentially as we keep growing every day.
  • Once onboarded, the Vendors shall have their own easy-to-use Android / iOS-based Application Platform which they will use to upload their stocks (inventory) along with pricing & manage their trade operations, daily.
  • Our competent team of Riders shall expand as we keep expanding our territory. The simplest way of joining or associating with us would be to approach us on our Helpdesk No. mentioned below & we shall commence our screen process for the applicant.

It is foretold that the simplest of ideas have the biggest impact in every domain. Ompanzo is one such idea that aims at bringing a massive paradigm shift in the way people buy & sell products of their everyday necessities. Our Services shall ensure that people save time & energy for other important work that they squeeze for reaching out to the place that fulfils the need of their retail products.

Ompanzo is the most user-friendly applications there’s ever been in the e-commerce space.

Unlike our contemporaries we do not have an Ecommerce Website that promotes our trade, also, our list of offerings might be elaborate but finding the exact item that one needs is easier than explained. Simply search for your Vendor by their names or name of their shop; if you aren’t aware of either, make you search more simpler by looking a product vendor in your neighbourhood or vicinity.

  • Either your search for the Vendor & his profile would come up, or a list would be populated with all the registered Vendors within a certain kilometer radius in ascending order.
  • Simply select the Vendor who is selling the products that you need, specify the quantity, checkout the enlisted price of the offering & checkout to Cart for making the payment.
  • Double check your Order & pricing details. Confirm the order; a message prompter shall come up with a prompt that would request you to reverify the order as once the Order is placed & is picked by the Rider, from the Vendor, it will not be replaced.

Use any of the digital means of making the payment for your order & avail additional benefits your wallets or cards might be offering. Keep COD (Cash on Delivery) as the final means of making payment, unless there is no other option available with you. (We promote & encourage people for availing a Contact Less Delivery)
Hurrah! Wait for a short while & your order will be delivered at your doorstep within 40 mins.

Ompanzo in its present form & state is a self-funded initiative that has been developed with the mindset of bringing about a change in the unorganized markets prevailing in our country.

A small change that has the potential of sparking a revolution. A revolution with which almost everyone operating in the unorganized sector would want to associate with. An income generated through mainstream methodology would help build a good Credit History & CIBIL Score for these numerous retailers who were never funded by any mainstream Banking or Non-Banking Establishment.

  • These small vendors shall now possess the necessary financial track which would make them eligible for various Banking Schemes & Loans.
  • A large section would suddenly emerge into India’s economic spreadsheet and continuously thrive to reach the top.
  • Until now, a massive business in trade & employment generating entity isn’t levied by the Government of the Nation however, the emergence of an aggregator like us would surely start generating revenue in the form of Direct & Indirect Taxes levied.

The Economically Weaker Section (EWS) shall benefit the most from an entity like Ompanzo, that is offering a platform for trade without having to bear the additional overheads like Rental of a Shop & others. If someone wishes, they can open up shop without taking any additional/overhead expense by operating from the comfort of their very homes.

Ompanzo – Generating Employment for the under-privileged & the unskilled yet employable manpower resources of the country.

The initiative clearly aims at offering employment to a large section of people who can associate with us at various levels and reap the benefits of a regular, sustainable & undisrupted employment. This would contribute greatly towards the National Employment Census.

  • One can become a Vendor without renting/owning a shop & operate from home thus become self-employed.
  • One can join us as a Rider & become a part of the delivery logistics team, only if the individual is a citizen of the country & holds a valid driver’s license.
  • As the company grows & the list of Vendors & Consumer also expands, these employment & growth opportunities shall also expand in equilibrium.

Gagan Agrawal

Founder & Managing Director, Ompanzo Ecommerce Pvt. Ltd.

Ompanzo is the brainchild of a problem-solving mind that thrives to create opportunities & an ecosystem that allows sustainability complimented by resourcefulness thus generating exponential income potential.

Saurabh Sengupta

Director Marketing, Ompanzo Ecommerce Pvt. Ltd.

We do not sell products, we sell necessities. We do not market ourselves; we market a less-privileged business. We not only strengthen the skilled but also offer an opportunity to the unskilled. We like to call ourselves a “People’s Company”

Atreyi Goswami

Creator & Principal Communicator, Atviya (Marketing Partner)

Ompanzo is what I would suggest to my father, it's what will make every one's life easier and better, especially the elderly & the working class! The brand's ethos are thoughtful and mindful towards each one associated be it the Buyer, the Vendor or the Rider, everyone has a definitive role to play & there's something for everyone to gain!

Team Ompanzo

Our Leadership

Gagan Agrawal

Founder & Managing Director, Ompanzo Ecommerce Pvt. Ltd.

Munmun Agrawal

Co-Founder & Director, Ompanzo Ecommerce Pvt. Ltd.

Saurabh Sengupta

Director Marketing & Operations, Ompanzo Ecommerce Pvt. Ltd.

Amit Kukreja

Director Sales & Onboarding, Ompanzo Ecommerce Pvt. Ltd.


Our Goals

Our Vision

Being “Vocal for Local” that’s our vision and more; we’re going to be actively promoting the Local by creating an ecosystem that would allow the local businesses to thrive. Ompanzo sees a mammoth potential in the local indigenous businesses that have held the society together for centuries long before the incarnation of Online Business. Read More...

Our Mission

Ompanzo has strategically planned the initial target category amongst all the other unorganized businesses in India to be the Retailers or the Vendors of fresh fruits & vegetables across NCT of Delhi & the NCR. Considering the geographical size of this region we could easily be looking at numbers beyond a million. Read More...


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Ompanzo? Why not some other brand which is either selling their own products or products that are directly procured from the producers?

    Ompanzo does exactly as you do; gets products from the Vendors that you trust. You know for sure; they will give you the best in terms of weight, quality & pricing but in the process, we manage to save your time & energy without having to pay anything extra for it. Others, either have longer delivery timelines, or higher prices and sometimes, inferior quality. We give you advantage on all three crucial frontiers.

  • Ompanzo promotes local businesses who have been indulged in community-unorganized retail. In the recent times, both Government & social organizations including socially active people, complimented with social media has raised their voices for the upliftment of the farmers & other such downtrodden legs of the society, but nobody’s attention was really caught on these hard-working & enterprising Vendors who remain poor despite of largely contributing towards the society & the economy.

  • Rome was not built in a day so wouldn’t the trust be. Ompanzo requires you to trust your known Vendor for quality, quantity & cost. We only made the process simpler by adding an online ordering platform (a mobile application) along with a delivery mechanism. One cannot be led to trust, but trust can be built upon fulfilment of commitments. We intend to do exactly that.

  • They say, money isn’t the most precious of derivatives of happy life, it is time that matters. Ompanzo saves you time. We don’t make you wait for a day, or compel you to reach a certain destination for getting the products that you need. We home deliver it to you, from your very own trusted Vendor that too (in maximum cases) within 40 mins of placing the order.


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